Increase your sales

Social Media Management

In Zolutium we will take care of managing all your social networks in an efficient way, but above all with a strategy focused on increasing your sales by capturing potential customers for your business.

Team of specialists: We will assign you 3 specialists for your business. 1 community manager, 1 campaign expert and 1 general supervisor.
Effective Advertising Campaigns: Let's launch advertisements that attract the attention of your customers.
Personalized Consulting: You will have a totally personalized consulting, we will be by your side advising and guiding you day by day.
Professional Designs: We will take care of making all the designs for the publications in your social networks and publish or schedule them.
All under weekly calendars: All publications are based on a weekly calendar that we define together.
Pre-review: If you want to review all the publications before they are uploaded to the social networks you can do it perfectly well.
Monthly Reports: We will present you with a general report of results month by month so that you can analyze all the progress.